Тест уровня знаний английского языка

Выберите один или несколько вариантов ответа вместо пропусков.

  1. There are many waysEnglish nowadays.

  2. But many students still askone is the most effective.

  3. Unfortunately, there is no single answer that is right forstudent.

  4. Activate your vocabularythinking or speaking briefly.

  5. Simple and regular exerciseshelp your brain to warm-up soon.

  6. You canyour grammar by doing similar exercises often.

  7. Before you begin to study, try to focus onpersonal aims.

  8. Before class begins, sing a song in English by.

  9. Make sure to use a song that you understand and know very.

  10. It’s important to bewhen you study English!

  11. If you want to study English at your desk,with typing a simple paragraph in English.

  12. Let’sabout your day, your hobbies, and your friends first.

  13. helps to improve learning a language?

  14. Teacherslike to recommend studying English grammar more.

  15. This will help to solidify yourof English.

  16. A pictureworth a thousand words.

  17. We areto activate the creative side of your brain.

  18. You shoulda photo or other image.

  19. What subject are you going to studyEnglish?

  20. We have written some tips forto help you in studying English.

  21. It’sto study English every day.

  22. Study for thirty minutes every dayof two hours once a week.

  23. Short steady practice is muchthan long periods of learning.

  24. This habit of studying English every day will helpEnglish in your brain fresh.

  25. Maybe, you weredifferent methods to study English.

  26. Probably, just oneto study English was used.

  27. Using a variety of methods can develop all the parts of your brainmultiple intelligences.

  28. If younew vocabulary, create a word map.

  29. Allthese methods together help to reinforce your learning.

  30. There ismore interesting than having a few friends to study English together.

  31. You areto practice spelling at the same time.

  32. Students havemaking such conversations for a long time to get the better result.

  33. As theyEnglish together, students could help each other later.

  34. Findwhich exercises you cannot understand.

  35. One of the most important thingsis using topics that you like.

  36. This will help to motivate you.

  37. Because you will also be learning about a topic you find interestingyou study English.

  38. It’s also generally known that the Internet is the most exciting and unlimited English.

  39. It’s very useful to takein different language contests.

  40. Find out about the testpassing it.

  41. Reading test specific preparation materials will help you to understand yourand weaknesses.

  42. Specific topic areas werecovered in the tests.

  43. Understanding which types of problems areeasiest will help you.

  44. Teachers told that thedifficult exercises could help you to develop a study plan.

  45. While developing your plan, take note of speakingwriting expectations.

  46. We used tonote of specific exercise types on the exam.

  47. Don’t beof much grammar information in a test.

  48. It’s important tofor some extra ways of training.

  49. For this purpose, the best thing to do is to purchase one of the many books thatpractice tests.

  50. This will train your skills including strategies on multiplequestions, timing and other issues.